Comprehensive Website Offers Both Web-Hosting and Systems Integration
           TAMPA, Fla. – April 2, 2005 –  iGlobalNetworks ( a leader in hosting and systems integration technology announced today that the company has launched a comprehensive new website that will offer a broader spectrum of capabilities. One of only a few IT firms that simultaneously provide hosting and systems integration, iGlobalNetworks will market their services utilizing a customer-friendly, interactive e-commerce website.

            iGlobalNetworks has moved its’ operations to the Switch and Data colocation facility in Tampa. This will empower iGlobalNetworks to communicate more efficiently with its’ ever-increasing client base. “The move to Switch and Data will provide increased customer services, enhanced security and stability, and put us in control of our own core network, which will be a non-Cisco powered network,” says Daniel Ribelin, co-owner and Chief Technology Officer of iGlobalNetworks.

            As part of the overall enhancement of the iGlobalNetworks website three strategic partnerships were formed to support the new capabilities. iGlobalNetworks has partnered with ImageStream Routers, Extreme Networks Switches  and HSphere control panels. ImageStream Routers will provide superior routing and technical support with an open source powered, stable platform. Extreme Networks Switches compliment the technology by addressing security issues rapidly and providing fast switching. The move to HSphere will enhance multi-platform (Windows, FreeBSD and Linux) customer services which allow clients to choose the operating system that is conducive to their environment. 

          “We have introduced a new approach to managing data for our clients,” states Lisa DeBartolo, co-owner, iGlobalNetworks. “Supporting our clients needs with state-of-the-art technology will position iGlobalNetworks to meet tomorrow’s information management challenges - today,” DeBartolo adds.

          To further enhance the leverage iGlobalNetworks has within the Information Technology industry the company has partnered with, and is an affiliate of, DeBartolo Holdings, LLC. DeBartolo has long since been recognized as a name within the commercial real estate development and sports management industries as a successful corporation and proven winner.

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